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AC Service Boynton Beach


Boynton Beach is the principal city of Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach. It is known all over Florida for its enticing shopping and seaside recreation in venues like the Boynton Beach Mall. Through the Boynton Beach Inlet, this city offers a direct access to some of the most sensational coral and artificial reefs in Palm Beaches. At Boca Raton AC repair we have taken it upon ourselves to transform the beauty of the external environment into a permanent indoor comfort through 24/7 emergency AC repairs and regular HVAC maintenance. This makes the residents enjoy the Boynton Beach’s Ocean Front Park and Boynton Harbor Marina water sports activities with total peace of mind.

The city’s administration has put in place measures to enhance the lifestyle of its residents. This is what sets apart Boynton from other towns within the state of Florida. There is the Community Improvement Division which is part of the Department of Development that is concerned with improvement of the physical environment in and around the neighborhoods of Boynton Beach.

The AC Services We Offer in Boynton Beach

For more than two decades now, we have been providing top of the range AC services to the residents of Boynton. The services we offer are comprehensive and innovative enough to cover all the needs of the residents here. Among the top services we offer here include:

Air Conditioner Installations

Our skilled experts who are EPA certified have extensive knowledge and experience in the installation of various AC units. Whether it is first time installation or replacements, we shall be right there to do all these for you. Our technicians will asses and advise you on the best AC units to install depending on your unique circumstances. Because we have been operating in the industry for such a long time, we have developed unique partnerships with the top AC brands such as Bryant, Carrier, Hitachi, Goodman, LG, Samsung and many others. Among the units that our technicians install are air handlers, mini-splits, air cleaners, thermostats and UV Germicidal Lights. All our installation services are affordable and same day.

HVAC Repairs

Whether its emergency repairs or one off service calls, our experts will prioritize your needs. Before we start on the project, our technicians will inspect the efficiency of the existing HVAC system. Based on the findings, we shall then devise the best repair approach. We understand that inefficient AC units consume a lot of power and still do not deliver as expected. Our task is to reverse this and ensure that your power bills are kept on the minimum while you enjoy the best performance from your air conditioners. We are familiar which a variety of brands and we also carry warranties on parts that enable us to offer subsidized and affordable AC repairs to all. Our repairs cover refrigerant leaks, compressors, filters, fan motors and other problematic areas.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Boynton Beach

Apart from the occasional repairs, we also offer scheduled AC maintenance services. We enter into contractual agreements with our clients to service their AC units for certain agreed upon duration of time. All through the seasons, we attend to the various HVAC systems and perform routine maintenance tasks such as cleaning of evaporator coils, testing of voltage motors, cleaning of condensate drains, lubrication of moving parts maintenance and many other services. This guarantees them of efficient AC performance all year round. It also lowers significantly instances of AC breakdowns and repair costs.

Air Duct Cleaning

Using materials with zero or low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) our technicians clean your ductwork through every twist and corner.We have invested in quality equipment consisting of video inspection units, fiberboards; flex ducts, round metal ducts, HEPA-filtered vacuums among others. This enables us to dislodge all the debris regardless of its positioning within your air duct system.

What Makes Us the HVAC Industry Leaders ?

Despite the fact that our peers offer similar services in Boynton area, our packages have a unique touch of professionalism and customer service. We have an elaborate feedback mechanism that handles complaints and complements concerning the services that we offer. This enables us to continuously improve on our services to meet and even exceed our clients expectations.

Being a family business, we have developed a strong bond with the locals here who also double up as our major clients. We offer them 24/7 fast response services to cover their emergency needs. At Boca Raton AC repair we have a fleet of more than 15 vans that are always on standby backed by a strong team of professionals. We do all we can so that you can be comfortable in your homes.

For a comprehensive inspection, repair and contractual maintenance of your HVAC units, contact us today. Our team will get to you and assess your AC needs.