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  • Understanding the Role of Heat Exchangers

    We are officially getting into the cold temperature seasons and before long you will be firing up your heating system. As you may know, a furnace system is made up of lots of critical components working harmoniously to ensure your home is heated to the required temperature. One of these crucial components is the heat... MORE

  • Central Air Conditioning Noises and What They Mean

    Central air conditioning (AC) units are very important to homeowners because they provide them with cooler temperatures during summer when the outdoor temperatures are high. In order for these units to function effectively, they need regular servicing especially before the onset of the hot season. A proper working AC unit makes a pleasant noise that... MORE

  • Is a Bigger AC Always Better?

    As the mercury starts rising in your thermometer, one of the things that immediately hits your mind is the need for your AC to kick on so that it can keep you and your family cool. The problem comes if the unit won’t do as efficiently or fails completely. Homeowner’s always face the decision of... MORE

  • How Do I Know My AC is Low on Refrigerant?

    Your AC is designed to cool your home unaided. This means when you see yourself stationing fans all over your home so as to take off the extra heat your AC can’t manage, chances are your AC is not working as it should. That said, there are many components in an AC that at times... MORE

  • Choosing the Right Installer for Your New HVAC System

    When shopping for HVAC systems, homeowners do lots of research on the right equipment for their needs. They investigate energy efficiency ratings, system selling points, advanced features, and what distinguishes one HVAC system from the other. Those who are conversant with return on investments go to the extent of calculating a payback period for their... MORE