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  •  The Dangers of Ductwork Condensation to Your Home

    Real estate developers do all they can to construct homes which are designed to keep moisture out. However, the problem comes when the source of the moisture is from within your home. This is why there is need for attention and detail in home construction and maintenance. This will go a long way in making... MORE

  • Do I Need a HVAC Retrofit or Replacement for My Historic Building?

    Most cities in the US have been around for quite a while and this is why it is common to see some older buildings. Despite their old age, these buildings are unique and beautiful and probably the reason their owners do not want to demolish them. To conserve the building, you may be torn between... MORE

  • Heat Pump Emergency Heat and When You Should Use It

    Heat pump thermostats have an emergency heat switch which most times confuses people. Most homeowners do not have an idea what emergency heat is and when they can use it. Simply defined, heat pumps in climates below 35 degrees require a supplemental heating source. This heat source comes in the form of electric resistance heating... MORE

  • How to Cut Down on Your AC Power Bill

    As a homeowner, there are so many issues that you battle with, among them your utility bills and mortgage payments. During warm weather, you and your family desire a cool indoor environment which mostly comes at a cost because your AC has to be running throughout the season. Comfort is extremely important with the record... MORE

  • Top Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Heat Pump

    A heat pump is a very essential piece of equipment in your home especially during colder seasons like winter. Your system must be in a good working condition, for it to operate efficiently and save you on energy costs. It thus important to work with a reputable HVAC contractor who should frequently check your system... MORE