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Indoor Air Quality

Air Quality

Everyone desires to breathe in clean air at home or at work.
But the presence of dust, mold and other dangerous particles can adversely affect indoor air quality. Some of these impurities may come into the home or office through the air ducts that serve your heaters and air conditioners. Dirty or moist air ducts could harbor a lot of mold growth. They could also be infested by rodents or insects. Air ducts can also get clogged up with a large amount of debris that can be released to pollute the air in the home or office. These air pollutants can even cause allergies in people who are exposed to them.

We provide top notch professional indoor air quality service for our clients in Boca Raton and Palm Beach county for over 20 years

We install, clean and repair all types of air ducts for residential and commercial buildings. Our services are fast and very effective and they are delivered by highly skilled, well trained and competent personnel. We are well versed in cleaning all types of air ducts including: flexible, sheet metal, fiberboard, and fiberglass lined air ducts. Here is a brief outline of the services we offer that are related to maintaining indoor air quality.

Air Duct Cleaning

air-duct-cleaning-boca-2This service involves the cleaning of various components of cooling and heating systems. When you request for air duct cleaning, our qualified technicians will carefully inspect your cooling and heating systems. Then we will disassemble the air conditioning system to be able to reach and clean components such as supply and exhaust air ducts, diffusers, grilles, registers, heating coils, heat exchangers, the drip pans, the fan motor and fan housing.

We use special vacuum equipment that passes dust particles out of your house. We also protect your household furniture while the cleaning is going on. All our air duct cleaning procedures comply with the standards and regulations given by NADCA and NAIMA on duct cleaning. We adopt a unique approach for each type of air duct based on the type of material, size, length and amount of debris found inside.
After the air ducts and other system components are thoroughly cleaned, we re-assemble them. Then we test the entire heating or cooling system to ensure that it is functioning perfectly. We will ensure that everyone in the home or office can breathe better air before we leave.

Air Duct Installation

air-duct-design-boca-1We install all major types of air ducts. We know that poorly installed ducts will be more difficult to fix later on. So we ensure that every air duct we fix is done properly the first time. All our air duct installations are done in compliance with the state’s regulations on HVAC installations. These installations are handled by highly experienced staff using the best materials and the latest equipment available. Our installations are completed on time and within your budget. We can even sell you a new custom made air duct that will fit your heating and cooling system perfectly.

Air Duct Repair and Resurfacing

air-duct-cleaning-boca-1A faulty, leaking or worn out air duct can cause inefficient functioning of your heating and cooling system and lead to higher energy bills. It may even cause health and safety hazards. That is why it is very important to call experts to examine your duct work and fix up any faults before it requires outright replacement or results in a major damage.

Air Purifiers and UV Lights Can Keep Your Air quality in Tip Top Shape

UVAir purifiers are very effective tools for removing indoor odors and eliminating allergens. Air filters capture pollutants and give out clean air just like trees absorb carbon dioxide and give out oxygen. We currently provide two major types of air cleaners, UV light air purifiers and electrostatic filters.

We install UV light air purifiers so that air coming through your air duct will be free of pathogens. Ultra-violet light kills micro-organisms. Our UV lights are ozone-free and they do not damage the lungs.

We also supply and install premium quality electrostatic air filters. These filters are far more efficient than the temporary disposable filters. When we install these filters on your furnace or heating system, your entire household will be filled with clean air.

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