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AC Service Wellington


Wellington is a vibrant city located in Palm Beach County and is rated the most populous village within the state of Florida. It is situated in the western end of The Palm Beaches. This is arguably one of the few villages that have an adorable balance of family atmosphere, recreational facilities, education institutions and an attractive natural environment. It has become the premier village in South Florida known for its unique equestrian interests. The area has a temperate marine climate with average temperatures rarely going beyond 25 degree Celsius. At Boca Raton AC Repair, we pride ourselves in being the one stop service provider for all the brands of HVAC systems in Wellington.

As a city, Wellington has initiated a comprehensive green approach that has seen several bodies and departments strive to make the community environmentally sustainable. The results of these initiatives are evident as you visit the area. The quality of life that the residents enjoy here is notably different from the other surrounding areas. Some of the green practices adopted here include electronic document management, native landscaping requirements, greenhouse reduction strategies, green fleet program, green cleaning policies, water conservation strategies and a green procurement policy.

To add to this quality of outdoor life, we have taken it within ourselves to install residential around Wellington with the best AC units. This initiative has gone a long way to improving indoor environments making the residents enjoy quality life all year round.

Our Wellington AC Services

To cater for the unique HVAC needs of the residents here, Boca Raton AC Repair has developed a comprehensive portfolio of services. The services we offer are highly customized and elaborate enough to meet the expectations of the locals here.

HVAC Installations

There is so much that you stand to benefit as a household by installing a HVAC system. The most important of all is that your indoor environment will be completely transformed in addition to reducing air related health complications such as allergies. Due to the existence of a variety of brands in the market today, you need professionals who will hold your hand and walk with you into selecting the best AC unit that fits your home. Our installation service is benchmarked against the industry standards. In case your AC is old and you would like to do a total overhaul, you can always count on the expertise of our professionals. We handle the installation of different varieties of heat pumps, air cleaners, air filters, thermostats and mini-splits.

Air Conditioning Repairs

It does not matter who did the initial installation. We shall take it upon ourselves to assess you’re your entire AC system with the view of identifying the faulty areas. Running inefficient AC units is burdensome especially when it comes to power bills. Our verified technicians will repair or replace the damaged parts so as to bring your AC unit back to its original position. We also carry warranties on parts which mean that the repairs are guaranteed and affordable. All our professionals are insured and as such we shall take care of any damages incurred in the course of repairs. Our servicemen handle parts such as fan belts, refrigerant leaks, AC power connections, fan motors and compressors. We also handle emergencies on a 24/7 basis.

AC Service plans

Based on the needs of our clients, we have a variety of service plans. Each maintenance plan has specific features that can also be customized to meet the preferences of our clients. By entering into a service contract with our firm, you will be assured of regular service all year round. According to our research, such maintenance schedules lessen cases of breakdowns and emergency repairs. Our fully licensed professionals will lubricate the moving parts, clean clogged filters, test voltage motors, repair or replace the electrostatic filters and clean the evaporator coils making your AC system efficient.

Air Duct Cleaning

We have a fully established Air duct cleaning department that is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that your air ducts are functional and efficient. We clean all the corners and bends using the latest NADCA approved equipment. The materials we use are organic and environmental friendly making them safe for indoor use. In addition, our materials are certified by Green Seal.

The Reason Why We Are Outstanding

We strive to maintain the City’s strategic balance of a residential lifestyle and a strong economic base. At Boca Raton AC Repair, we guaranteed the Wellington residents a 24/7 fast response to AC emergencies and repairs. Whether you call us at night, during weekends or public holidays, we shall respond in the swiftest way possible. As a family AC business that has been around longer that most of our peers, we have build a strong relationship with the locals to ensure that their HVAC needs are met. We always request for the input of the residents here to ensure that the services we offer target their specific and unique needs.

Get in touch with us today and let our experts inspect your HVAC systems to ensure that they work efficiently for you and your family.