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AC Service Woodfield Country Club

Woodfield Country ClubLiving in Woodfield Country Club and need AC Repair company?

This is a country club that has much of the flair that characterizes Palm Beach. It is considered to be the among the last family-oriented country club communities to be set up in Boca Raton area. Being an active and vibrant community that has plenty of facilities, we ensure that their indoor air quality is even more enjoyable. We do this through the installation of AC units and cleaning of their ductworks .Among the key facilities here include an 18-hole golf course, a magnificent club house and a casual restaurant next the club house known as Sand Wages. For recreation purposes, there is the Kids’ Korner & Family Recreation Center. It is exclusively family friendly and unique in its atmosphere.

Enjoy South Florida all year long with a new Air Conditioner

Being a locally owned business, we take pride in interacting and bonding with our neighborhood as a way of getting them to sample our products. We have such a rich and diverse neighborhood that we have continuously serviced from 1993 through innovative, quality and customized HVAC solutions.

You too could join our ever increasing list of happy and satisfied customers. Contact us for a detailed inspection of your AC unit, repair or maintenance. Our 24/7 skilled professionals will attend to your service call in the most professional manner.

Regular AC Maintenance Services will save you money in the long run

Regular maintenance is very important to ensure the proper function and prolong the life of an AC or HVAC system. Only professionals can provide the kind of maintenance that is needed to keep the units functioning safely and efficiently, especially when it comes to washing and regular servicing which requires specialized equipment and industry procedures that only professionals can perform.
Washing is particularly important since particles can accumulate in the coils after months of use. Dust and debris can choke the tubes and prevent the normal flow of air, causing the unit to expend more energy than necessary in order to provide the same amount of cooling and reducing its energy efficiency, not to mention its lifespan. Improper function due to unchecked problems also lowers the quality of indoor air which can affect the health of the family, employees, or customers and may even subject business establishments to certain workplace violations if AC systems remain in a state of malfunction or disrepair.

Certified professionals can solve your ac problem faster

Our technicians are EPA and NATE certified thereby giving them the legal and professional mandate to service your HVAC units. They will ask you probing questions in order to find out the cause of the problem before working on your ac unit.
We pride ourselves in providing our clients with both comfort and peace of mind, as we add or restore cool relaxed temperatures to their homes or workplaces. We strive to gain and retain customers by providing the best air conditioning value in both the products we use and the services we offer; and our focus is always on excellent air conditioning repair service.