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Choosing the Right Installer for Your New HVAC System


When shopping for HVAC systems, homeowners do lots of research on the right equipment for their needs. They investigate energy efficiency ratings, system selling points, advanced features, and what distinguishes one HVAC system from the other. Those who are conversant with return on investments go to the extent of calculating a payback period for their systems or even do an analysis on their total monthly energy bills if they buy the given system.

All the above are excellent points which should inform your purchase decision. However, one critical element that is often overlooked is the choice of an installer. It doesn’t matter how well your system is and how efficient it can be, but if the installation goes south, everything you have invested in will go down the drain.

The approach therefore should be shopping for a new HVAC equipment as well as a qualified installer for the job.

Why You Need a Quality HVAC Installer

In the same manner you inspect and examine system efficiencies, you should also interview potential HVAC installers. In the hands of your installer lies the fate of your HVAC system’s performance and efficiency. In the event the installation is botched up, your equipment will not give you the energy savings and the comfort you are looking for when you bought it.

Bad installation affects the efficiency of your system. When installation is improperly done, your unit will consume excess energy which will have the effect of raising your utility bills. This means the monies you spent on your new system won’t give you the expected benefits.

Improper installation hinders performance. While a heating or cooling unit is meant to deliver hot or chilled air, installation issues can put stress on the system thereby causing it to struggle in delivering the expected value. Your home will not be comfortable and this may even trigger you to adjust other systems such as thermostat which may in the long run balloon your expenditures.

Poor installation can shorten your system’s life. When installation goes wrong, your system is forced to operate under less than ideal conditions. This puts undue stress on it thereby causing its breakdown. When this persists, your system may permanently breakdown giving you another burden of replacing it that was not anticipated.

What to Look for in an Installer

When evaluating contractors or professionals to install your HVAC system, there are necessary skills and quality you must look out for. The following are two of the most critical.

Brand Experience

A majority of equipment manufacturers have programs that qualify installers. Check whether your installer has the necessary experience and working knowledge of the brand you want installed. Brands such as Trane, Goodman, American Standard, Carrier, and others approve installers for their HVAC equipment. Check out if your potential installer has any of these.

NATE Certification

The North American Technician excellence is a non-profit organization that certifies professionals working in the HVAC industry. Installers who have NATE certification are preferred because their knowledge and skills are appropriate in ensuring a quality installation of HVAC systems.

Don’t just invest in a quality equipment, but also get installers who are up to scratch in what they do.