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How to Cut Down on Your AC Power Bill

power-billAs a homeowner, there are so many issues that you battle with, among them your utility bills and mortgage payments. During warm weather, you and your family desire a cool indoor environment which mostly comes at a cost because your AC has to be running throughout the season.

Comfort is extremely important with the record heat waves that are becoming more and more common each summer. Because you have no option, but to run your AC, the following tips will help you keep in check your utility bills.

Replacing Your AC Unit

Older AC units are not as energy efficient as their newer counterparts. If your AC model is much older, you should make arrangements to trade it in with a newer model. Many of the newer AC models, those that have an Energy Star rating, are said to consume up to 50% less power when compared to the older units, those that were manufactured in the 1990s. Inasmuch as AC replacement tends to be costly, the savings as a result of the energy efficiency will help you to recoup the cost.

Regular Ductwork Inspection

Out of age, deterioration, or improper installation, ductwork may develop seam separations or gaps. Where these are sighted, they should be sealed immediately using duct tape. Older homes lose about 20% or even more of cold air when the ductwork is leaking. This means the cold air from the AC doesn’t reach the area intended at the time when it is needed the most.

As a suggestion, you can also caulk or weather-strip the gaps around doors and windows. This will save you a lot of money on cooling costs.

Installation of a Programmable Thermostat

Thermostats are effective in controlling AC units. If you have window units installed, you can get a plug in timer which automatically turns the unit off according to the settings you program. It can turn off the unit when you are away and before you come in, it turns it on. The other way to operate thermostats is through zoning where you identify the areas occupied by people and set convenient temperatures. Those rooms or spaces not used by anyone should be closed off.

Filter Replacement

Filters should be replaced at least once a month if you want your AC to operate effectively without struggling. Many units ultimately break down because of dirty or worn out filters. Bearing in mind the cost of a filter, it’s much cheaper to do monthly replacements than pay inflated utility bills and repair expenses. If you do not want the kind of filters that you regularly change, you can go for the washable type which is cleaned and reinstalled.

Shading Your Window Unit or AC Compressor

You can enhance the efficiency of an AC system and cut down on its energy consumption by more than 10% if you install an overhead awning above it. Also ensure that the outdoor unit doesn’t suffer any restricted air flow by shrubs, enclosures, or debris.

In addition to the above, identify a professional AC technician who will help you perform preventive maintenance operations on a regular basis.