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Is a Bigger AC Always Better?

Different sizes of AC Units

As the mercury starts rising in your thermometer, one of the things that immediately hits your mind is the need for your AC to kick on so that it can keep you and your family cool. The problem comes if the unit won’t do as efficiently or fails completely. Homeowner’s always face the decision of whether to replace their AC units or not and if they should, with what sizes should they replace.

The general impression is that bigger heating and ventilation equipment is always better in performance.  If you are of this opinion, consider the following:

Do You See Your AC Running Constantly?

One of the key indicators that your AC unit is smaller in capacity compared to your home cooling needs is when you see it running all the time. Normally, HVAC equipment that are efficient will cool your home by bringing your temperature down to the preferred setting within an acceptable duration. A system that runs all the time shows that it is working way too hard. If in addition you have a good cleaning and maintenance schedule, then the problem of buildup of dirt and debris on the AC coil may not be the issue.

A unit that is improperly sized and as such runs all the time is likely to fail and malfunction. When you call in a technician and explain the problem, they will take a heat-load calculation to determine the right size of the unit required to cool your home. Thereafter, they will advise you on the replacement process.

Skyrocketing Power Bills

It’s always important to compare your power bill month to month. A home of your size is expected to have a certain range of power bill. However, it is possible for the utility bill to go beyond these limits and when this happens, you should know that there is a problem. If the unit you have is properly sized for your home, it won’t spend much electricity. As a matter of fact, you should see a decline in utility bills if you replace with an efficient system. Be at the frontline in reducing excess energy expenditure and carbon footprint by getting the right sized and quality system.

Smart Thermostat Usage and Your New AC Unit

If indeed you require a bigger HVAC unit, you may also want to control it with a smart thermostat. It is important to program the thermostat so as to activate the AC according to your schedule. Thermostats learn your timing which include weekends and weekdays, bedtime and work hours among others. During these times, the thermostat automatically makes adjustments to give you a comfortable indoor environment. Even with this, you should ensure that your system is always inspected, cleaned, and maintained to prolong its life.

If you have reasons to believe that your HVAC unit is smaller and as such you require a bigger unit, don’t make the replacement decision alone. Get in touch with your local HVAC technician for expert advice.